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● CNC-350 graphic programming question


You would like to do 4 times finish cut (Non feed slotting times while reach full depth) , So you need set the Finish-N at 4 , Please check you had input correct 4 in "Finish-N" or not ?  

Besides regarding index , We had designed two modes indexing for user selcetion  , Mode "0" mean Ram stroke don't stop during indexing period ,The mode can save time but user must confirm the  workpiece inner no obscatle  , The other mode "1" is Ram stop at top waiting during indexing period , You can set 0 or 1 at "Slot Mode" according to your job.

According to your report , we just think you don't set "Finish-N" at correct number 4  , So controller don't do 4 times finish cut , Please double check it, If you still can't resolve the problem , Please send all the graphic setting datas for our reference then we just possible to check what's your wrong.

** Attached two pages about where the Finish-N and slot mold data on the manual and controller screen for your reference.