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● CNC-350 - Zero return for XY axis


While you switch to Home mode and press X+ , Y + key, the machine X axis or Y axis don’t move to dog then move back to zero point , Hereby we would like to inform you that Our CNC-350 use YASKAWA absolute type AC servo motor which can memory the zero point itself in battery in electric box , So actually the CNC-350 don’t need execute Home (zero return) because the servo motor is absolute type .

But we suggest user also to execute the zero return while first turn on machine ,  While you do zero return , If the machine position is in center , while you press X, Y key under Home mode , You just see the X coordinate , Y coordinate change to 0.000, It mean controller was finished X, Y, Home ,  Maybe you don’t see machine real running , You feel strange , Please understand that it’s absolute type AC servo motor feature  ,  If you would  like to real running X or Y zero return , You just do zero return double time then you can see the machine move left then move back to zero , Hereby we send a simple video for your reference.  (I am checking the video and will email to you within today)*

If Yesterday the machine stop not at zero point , Next day you just can see actual zero return action , If machine in the center , controller just input the correct value under AC motor power on status .

Here is video for your reference.