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● CNC 300 The controller screen turns black & an error message appears


During machining , The screen change to black then machine is stopped then Screen shown above alarm , Hereby we would like to inform you that the above 1,2, 6 alarm is the same group alarm , The control unit loss data , So ask machine emergency stop ,  While you turn on power again, The control unit just remind you the machine happen the above problem , You need to solve the problem before start machining ,  After you solve the problem , Then turn off power and turn on power again , the alarm will go away if the problem was solved.  


Now we would like to inform you that there are two possible reasons caused the problem 

  1. Maybe your Power source R,S,T (400V) happen short circuit short time , For example R,T loss voltage  or S, T loss voltage etc.. then control unit (screen) loss 220V power then screen change to black  , Besides please check the control unit 220V power wire at top wire block , The two wire  is NO.2 and No. 11 , Please check the wire was tighten well no loss problem .   On the other hand please check the power ON button light color , While happen the problem if power on lamp change to red color , It mean the problem caused by your main power source happen short circuit problem.
  2. While happen the above problem , if the power On lamp color still under green color , It mean your main power source OK. no problem , Then it is possible caused by control unit problem . We need you to take a video for our engineer reference then we just can check and help you to find the real reason and solve the problem asap.