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● On line training via (SEE_Proxy 1.0.1)


The way that via the software (SEE_Proxy 1.0.1) to connect to the machine controller  and EASTAR to help the user to solve the controller problem in the future.

  1. User must set up a device (PC or note book) to connect to the controller with wire first.
  2. Both User and Eastar must install the software- “SEE_Proxy 1.0.1” to the Note book (or PC) beforehead.
  3. User setting up and connecting their device and controller and test and make sure the conecting situation is okay of the device and controller.
  4. Both EASTAR and User will match each other’s devices according to  the serial no / P.W and user name.
  5. Once Eastar get the authorization from User’s side by key in the same serial no / P.W, we will be able to link to the controller to check the situation and solve the problem of the controller problem from our side.


By this software and device, Eastar will be available to connect to the machine’s controller to check  the controller problem and help the customer to solve it.