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● How to save program into controller


Our CNC slotting machine uses conventional (dialog) program edit function. After you pressed F8 program generated, the CNC controller will save the program in O0000.

But please note it always keeps the last generated program.  Next time, the program will be overwritten.If you want to save your selected program. You can use F2 copy file function. 


How to save/copy your generated program.

Please check from below simple video:

DROPBOX: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jd98ygvriqawoc4/How%20to%20create%20new%20program%2C%20copy%20to%20O0000%20%28control%20only%20keep%20last%20generated%20program%29.MP4?dl=0

You can change(edit) the value from program on First point X@1, First point Y@2.  

NOTICE: O0000~O0010 was used as system program. Don’t use these Program number as your processing program!