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● How to adjust XYC axis backlash


Here is the procedures: 

  1. Press F6 parameter key
  2. Press F5 Go to parameter
  3. Input 1241  to enter X,Y , C backlash setting screen (1241 is for X , 1242 is for Y , 1246 is for C Rotary table)
  4. If you would like to change the value , You need input password , Password is 520


The program file has Program No. X and  Program NO. Y and Program No. C  which is for adjusting X,Y,C backlash purpose , You can use dial gauge match the existed program  to test run and adjust the backlash then adjust the setting value (1241/1242/1246) to get the best backlash compensation. 

Please see videos below:


How to adjust X axis backlash:   


How to set the Y axis backlash compensation :https://www.dropbox.com/s/mie12b59gdrpg8l/How%20to%20check%20Y%20axis%20backlash%20compensation%20on%20CNC-350%20and%20parmaeter%20No.1242%20%28Y%20%E8%BB%B8%E8%83%8C%E9%9A%99%E6%AA%A2%E6%9F%A5%29.MOV?dl=0

How to adjust C axis backlash :