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● CNC-450 How to reset Z axis Home zero position


  1. After installed the Z axis AC servo motor well , Please switch to MPG mode firstly
  2. Please move the Ram to let the Ram bottom end to align the lower end of Ram guide-way base  
  3. Check Z axis position is near 0 or not ?  If not please reset Z axis Home zero position as below

Video “How to reset Z axis Home zero position  procedure



  1. Please open the left side cover of Ram base to check the top bottom position (3-5mm higher than

Polyurethane (anti-collision ring) , Please use MPG to move Z axis down until  till Ball-screw nut higher

3-5mm then “Polyurethane anti-collision ring”

      (see attached pdf drawing)

  1. Goto parameter 2406 to set the above position as Z- software limit  (see attached png photo)
  2. Set Z+ software limit value as (total Z axis travel 480+ (Z- software limit value) , For example if Z- software

Is -450.00  , The Z+ is 480-450.= +30.000

  1. Finish Z axis Home zero position checking and setting .