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● CNC-350 How to save the program generated by dialogue program function


After you pressed F8 program generated , the CNC controller will save the program in program O0000 ,  Besides the CNC controller only keep

the last generated program , It mean program will be overwrite and only keep last generated program , If user would like to keep the generated program , You can use copy file function under F2  program

, Hereby we send you the procedure as below:

  1. Press F8 program generate key to generate program and CNC save it in O 0000
  2. Press F2 program and press F8 file manager enter file screen.
  3. Mover cursor to O0000 position
  4. Press F2 copy file
  5. Enter fine name
  6. Press F1 OK
  7. Save your file as new file name


While you would like to call your file (program) into CNC , Procedure as below:

  1. Press F4 Monitor key
  2. Press F1 select file
  3. Move cursor to which file you want call
  4. Press enter then you can your file in screen
  5. Double check File No. before press cycle start button.


Here is simple video :