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● CNC-350 Error I7(R44.0) main motor & pump overload


  1. Please open the electric box and turn on power switch to find the main motor overload protector and coolant pump overload protector, please see the overload protector in the drop box link on below .
  2. Please check coolant pump overload was under overload status or not , if overload relay change to red color , It mean it was over load , you can push reset button to recover it , then test again .
    As for the coolant pump over load setting, we set overload A is 1.0 , You can enlarge to 1.2A
  3. You can press MPG mode to test run main motor and press coolant pump button under ram running status, if main motor can run under MPG (manual) mode , It mean main motor is OK. no problem , then you can open Y axis backward slideway cover to find the coolant pump , please press one time to turn on pump running ,then press one time more to turn off pump running , then you can check the pump is running normally or not ?

You also can check coolant liquid can pumping out smoothly or not ?

  1. Usually we had experience about coolant pump over load , The possible reasons are
  1. Coolant liquid is too dirty or small chip in the inner coolant tank or coolant liquid viscosity too high (too sticky) .
  2. Coolant pipe problem , Please use air to coolant nozzle to check coolant pipe OK. or not ?
  3. You need take off pump and use magnetic bar to clean the coolant tank and confirm coolant tank bottom is not too dirty.


Also video as below: