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● CNC-350 How to adjust the timer delay time by parameter setting


Please view following 2 videos first: 



If the Ram can’t stop at top point while finish program execution, How to adjust the Timer delay time by parameter setting

There are 4 spindle speeds for user selection, We use Brake motor and Timer to control the Ram stop at top position waiting, But after long year running, It’s possible the Ram don’t stop at top position perfectly, Maybe Belts are wear or Brake Motor Brake is wear etc reason, User can go to parameter #3423 for Low / Speed, #3424 for Low 2 Speed # 3425 for Low 3 Speed, # 3426 for Low 4 Speed # 3427 for High / Speed, #3428 for HIGH 2 Speed #3429 for HIGH 3 Speed, #3430 for High 4 Speed delay time setting screen to adjust the delay time setting value to let Ram stop at top point.

(P.s Under main screen, Press parameter key, then press ”goto para” key, then key parameter NO,then enter parameter setting screen, first time enter, it need input password”520”).


If above issue has solved and still has noise, please do some adjustment on the motor as per procedures below:

  1. Adjustment Procedures:
  1. Remove rear cover of motor then you can see above.
  2. Remove (Take out) motor cooling fan.
  3. Check the space (gap) between brake pad and brake coil set, Normal space (gap) is about 0.3mm ± 0.1mm
  4. If the space (gap) too big then you can use Nut No. 2 and No. 3 to adjust the space between brake coil set and Armature plate at about 0.3mm (Normally the space (gap) was adjusted well in machine factory. If no too big error, no need adjustment)
  1. Test run the motor then stop to check the brake situation
  1. If brake power is insufficient or noise sound happened then please tighten 3 pcs No. 1 Nut a little to increase brake power, but please note that you need to adjust 3 pcs Release spring evenly.  In another word, you need evenly adjust 3 pcs No.1 nut.
  2. Test run again, check and then adjust it until it’s in the best position.(For your reference, normally the distance between Nut 1 and Nut 2 is about 4.5~6.0mm)
  3. If the space (gap) is too small, It may cause the brake pad can’t release well and it will have touch noise, then you need to adjust the space (gap) a little bigger.