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The alarm OP-004 “ Lose manufacture file , check it before processing “means when machine in processing (program running ), suddenly machine power off or the operator press power off ,  controller will loss the some file suddenly , at the time if turn on the power again , controller will warn the alarm OP-004 .  


Since OP-004 is just the check function of controller.

Solve method is to turn off power then turn on power again, then the alarm OP-004 will not show.


Another possible situation is the registry (parameter) of manufacture file fail (loss) during the period of power suddenly off, but it’s rarely happens. If do happen, it is possible the program file (NO. 2 CF card) have problem.


During CNC-300 machining, the screen change to black and machine stopped , then screen shown alarms PLC 088 074 OP-004

  • 1) Emergency stop (total stop)
  • 2) Data loss reset machine
  • 6) Machine’s data loss , recalibrate before machining.

The above alarm is the same group alarm.


The control unit loss data, so it requests machine emergency stop, while turn on power again, the control unit remind operator that machine happen the above problem, it need to solve the problem before start machining.

After the problem solved, then turn off power and turn on power again, the alarm will not show.    


Two possible reasons caused the problem:

  1. 1.Power source R,S,T (400V) happen short circuit short time :
    For example, R, T loss voltage or S, T loss voltage, etc., then control unit (screen) loss 220V power and screen change to black.
    1-1. Please check the control unit 220V power wire was tighten well and no loss problem.  The wire at top wire block, there have two wire is NO.2 and No. 11.
    1-2. Please check the power ON button light color.
    While happen the problem if power on lamp change to red color, it means the problem caused by main power source happen short circuit problem.
  2. Control unit problem:
    While happen the problem, if the power on lamp color still green color, it means main power source is OK.
    The problem possibly caused by control unit problem.
    If so, it will need to offer video for us to check.


The alarm MLC69 is” Slotting lube insufficient pressure (R44.4)".

The oil pressure checking sensor is 1.2kg/cm2 = 0.12MPa .

CNC will issue alarm to warning for oil lacking , if less than it .  


But due to the pressure gauge not very accuracy, so customer could adjust the pressure bigger, about 0.25 ~ 0.3Mpa.


If adjust the pressure up to 0.4 Mpa, it may cause oil punch out too much.

Please notice the oil punch out can’t be too much. Even it is okay for Lubricator work or ball screw lubrication, but the oil can’t flow back to tank smoothly if punch out too quickly.


Please adjust the oil pressure bigger to pass the oil pressure checking setting (1.2jg/cm2= 0.12MPa), but not too big so that oil could flow back to tank smoothly.

Please adjust the oil pressure at 0.25-0.4 Mpa to let the oil pressure checking stably.


Video for reference:



The normal process for Ram moving is:

After finished one slot (keyway) cutting, controller request the Ram to be ready to stop at top. Ram find the top sensor and read the setting value of Ram stop delay time to let Ram stop at top.

If Ram stop at top well (Top sensor must be ON), then go to next step "Index" . If can't stop at top normally, controller will issue alarm and stop it avoiding accident.


On this case, when spindle inverter alarm together Emergency stop, and the alarm happen during end of finished one keyway cutting and before indexing.  Two possible reasons cause the alarm:

1.Ram don't stop at top position, so sensor don't "ON”.

2.The brake resistor (inverter) overheating.



A) Please don't use brake often during short time, the brake resistor will don't have time to rest (cooling) and overheating.

Please don't using Mode 1 (Ram stop during indexing) for multiple keyway cutting. Suggest to select Mode 0 (Ram no stop during indexing) when cutting spline or many NO. keyway (inner gear etc.)  . 


B)  Please use manual Ram run and Ram stop to test the Ram can stop at top position well or not.

If not, please enter parameter NO. 3426-3450 to adjust the Ram stop delay time (unit 0.1 sec).

The problem will be related to the counterbalance weight of flywheel don't stop at bottom position well.

Please checking the speed of Ram and find the right parameter NO. then test run and stop , then please go to backward to see the counterbalance weight position .

Normally it should be at 270 degree +-15 degree , please try to adjust the Ram(counterbalance weight) at 270 degree , if add 0.1 sec go to 280 degree , less 0.1 sec stop at 260 degree . 

Suggest selecting 260 degree, let the Ram stop at top will let Brake resistor easier to brake the flywheel (for Ram) .

The coolant pump breaker keeps tripping when try to run the coolant pump.

3 major reasons to check it first:


A. Coolant pump happen " Short-circuit " problem:

It mean each 2 wires (U-W , V-W, or U,W) maybe connect then cause pump breaker keep tripping due to too big ampere .

Please use ohm (Resistance) function of electric meter to check U-V wires ohm , V-W wires ohm ,and W-U wires ohm .  There are must have same resistance value , if there is any two wires which ohm (resistance) is 0 , means the two wires happen short circuit .


B. Electric owed phase: There is any phase no voltage.

Please check U-V voltage, V-W voltage, W-V voltage, all should be 220V.

If any phase no 220V voltage, please check the wire connecting and resolve it.


C. Any obstructions (hinder) between coolant pump to hose, nozzle , to causeoverload relay tripping:

Please reset the coolant pump relay and set the overload Ampere at 1.0 or 1.2 (Set at 1.2) .

And check the oil come out is smoothly, will pump for 2 seconds before overload alarm. If the oil can't come out smoothly, please check the coolant pump or hose etc.. and let the coolant hose flow smoothly. 


After sure there is no problem for above 3 reasons –

short-circuit (wire-touching) , electric woed (lacking) phase , and hose is no problem.


Two possible reasons to cause the coolant pump problem: 

D. The overload relay damaged ,

E. Any obstacle in the inside of coolant pump and cause the pump can't run smoothly then cause overload .


How to find the reason:


1-1.Open the backward slideway cover to find the coolant pump :

1-2: Loose the 4 screws and take out the cooolant to check

1-3: Test to rotate the shaft is able to running smoothly or not ?



2-1. Disconnect the coolant pump, U,V,W wires 

2-2. Check and confirm the pump wires U-U, V-V, W-W no short-circuit.

2-3. Separate 3 wires and use tape to cover the 3 wires well.

2-4. Turn on power again and open coolant pump, if the overload alarm still comp up , the reason is "overload relay " damage .



If you disconnect the U,V,W wires from electric box , then the pump overload alarm no come up again , the possible reasons is from coolant pump .

3-1. Please double check the U,V,W cable again and confirm it no wires touching trouble

3-2. Please try to connect the pump U, V,W to 220V voltage from transformer side , to test  pump can run smoothly or not .

If pump can't run smoothly, it means the pump was damaged.


Please sending video for checking the happen reason first.

If the reason was sure is A axis servo motor rigidity value is too high, please adjust tas flowing steps and video:


a. Press F6 Parameter setting

b. Press F7 Serial tuning

c. Input parameter password

d. Press F1 Axial

e. Go in Servo motor rigidity setting screen

f. Use -> key to move X->Y->Z then go to S1 , S1 is A axis servo motor

g. Move down arrow key to Pn100 Speed Loop Gain .Please adjust the value down to 500

h. Test run again, if noise go away then the adjustment is OK.





A axis drive by inside gears set with grease lubricant, the grease viscosity is higher , so suggest to use MPG switch to 5 or 6 to turn A axis few minutes to let the A axis and grease run and smoothly .

The Pn100 is for adjust the A axis servo motor rigidity, please adjust it according to cutting tool installed situation. If the rigidity too high, then noise shows.

Please adjust Pn100 value down, try to adjust start with 550 , 500 , 450 … , but do not lower than 400  .

When machine servo driver loss ABS encoder memory:  

If the alarm message C axis , Y axis , X axis not set home position happen , the battery already loss the original Home position memory , X,Y,C axis Absolute encoder memory loss , so controller request to reset new Home position.

How to recover the original Home position setting, step as attached file

Please notice that X axis Home position should be at center of slotting bar center. If the X axis Home position is not at accuracy X axis center position, worker can adjust it again until X axis at perfect center position. 


When home position under small offset status:

If Machine operator need to change the X Axis, Y Axis or C Axis machine zero position, please follow the procedure as below:

1.Under manual model, use MPG to move the new machine zero point at where you want.

2.Press F6 Parameter setting key.

3.Press F4 Home offset setting, then you can enter Home offset setting screen.

4.Enter the new position value at right side offset setting, then press enter.

5.Press F1 Run X axis offset, if you want to change X axis Home position.

   Press F2 Run Y axis offset, if you want to change Y axis Home position.

   Press F3 run C axis offset, if you want to change C Axis Home position.

6.Then screen show where confirm home set (chuck No ALARM), Press F1 yes

7.Press Password

8.Press F1 OK to execute change Home position process.